Frequently Asked Questions

If your question hasn’t been answered yet, please contact us! :-)

Which data do you keep about your users?

We only keep the data required to provide the service. We do not keep any data on top of that.

Does the server only run “free software”?

That depends on which aspect of “free” you’re referring to.

Free as in gratis (referring to cost)

Yes, there are no license fees imposed by the software we use.

Free as in public (referring to availability)

Yes, all the software we use is publicly available.

Free as in libre or OpenSource (referring to the license)

These licenses are used by the software packages used on this server. This includes build- and runtime dependencies.

  • APACHE20
  • ART10
  • CDDL
  • FTL
  • GPLv1+
  • GPLv2
  • GPLv2+
  • GPLv3
  • GPLv3+
  • ICU
  • IJG
  • LGPL21+
  • Libpng
  • LLVM
  • LLVM2
  • MIT
  • MPL11
  • MPL20
  • PD
  • PostgreSQL
  • PSFL
  • TclTk
  • TRIO
  • ZLIB

To learn more about them please check the Open Source Initiative’s or the Free Software Foundation’s license lists.

Free as in boot process (referring to the firmware of the hardware we run)

No, this hardware is using a proprietary BIOS by “American Megatrends Inc.” (AMI BIOS).

Which country is the server located in?

Matrix Server, Webservices

Germany, Europe (EU)

Mail Server

Austria, Europe (EU)

Are the server disks encrypted?

No. This server is configured to boot through to service availability without requiring user interaction.

Is presence enabled on this Matrix instance?

Presence is disabled on fairydust.space for privacy and performance reasons.

Do you support 3rd party web interfaces?

Yes, you can use any Matrix webinterface hosted by a third party or yourselves with the fairydust.space Matrix server. Depending on your interface you may need to manually tell it how to connect to our homeserver running at https://matrix.fairydust.space. We do support client autodiscovery if the webinterface of your trust also supports it.

Are you providing any publicly available bridges to other services?

We are not providing any bridges to other services. Since Matrix is a federated network, you are free to use bridges provided by other servers, provided these other services allow you to use them.