Reach out to us!

There are multiple ways you can reach the cabin crew of the Matrix server instance.

Status and Announcements

We post status updates, like maintenance windows:

Via Matrix

Direct chats are automatically end-to-end-encrypted by default.

Community Support

For general questions and discussion about please join our community channel!

How to poke the admins

You are welcome to directly poke the admins of this instance.

  • In your Matrix client, like Element, find the section “People” in the room list on the left side.
  • Click the + button to start chat
  • In the username field enter at least one of our Matrix IDs listed below
  • Click the Go button to create the new chat
  • Now you can send encrypted messages to us as indicated in the input field
  • You can start typing right away

Via Email (insecure only)

Best regard,
the Cabin Crew